Life is hard.  How do we muddle through this terrifying and wonderful human experience?  I tend to agree with the poet, Thomas McGrath:  I made it this far down the dark trails of life only because I had the shining faces of those I love lighting my path.  I’m here to share my experiences with emotional healing and spirituality, and also to chronicle these experiences for myself.  I hope I’ll be able to shed some light for others along the way.

I am a klutz.  I am utterly imperfect.  I still have a temper, despite years of mindfulness practice.  I am smart and I am stupid.  I am becoming more kind and less cruel with each passing day.  I may not have anything enlightening to say, but if you relate to me, and we can have a conversation about it-what more can I ask for?


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Amazing posts, both — amazing wisdom and maturity for a person so young (from my perspective at 65, you are young!! enjoy it!). I have really enjoyed and been touched by your comments — thanks for letting me share.

  2. Thank you Kate for sharing your heart and your thoughts. This takes great courage. I look forward to your posts.

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