NaPoWriMo, Day 28

No prompt, just a bit o’ silliness. I tried my usual weighty themes and got nothin’, so I decided to stop taking myself so seriously for a minute-here is what I came up with.


The life of the clumsy
is ever fraught with worry.
Something’s in my eye!
Now my vision’s blurry.

Walking without looking,
I fail to see a stone.
My ankle bends beneath my foot,
muscle pulls on bone.

Standing at the sink,
hand by the cabinet,
I knock my finger hard,
and that is what I get!

There’s a message somewhere in here
but I’m sure I don’t know what-
oh, I am so careless!
Now my knee is cut.

I know that I ought
To pay attention to the Now.
And though it can be taught,
I have as yet to master:  how?

I’ll surely keep on trying
not only for the sake
of my peace of mind, but to
spare other bones a break.


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