NaPoWriMo, Day 20

Today’s prompt is to write a poem in the voice of a relative. I’ve written about my grandmother. The things I attribute to her are true, but this isn’t written in her tone of voice. She’s inimitable! ๐Ÿ˜‰


I don’t smoke Virginia Slims and drink black coffee (love’s a hand me down brew)
all day anymore,
But I do sit in the sun and bake
til sweat drips through my hair,
down the back of my neck.
These days, I find more comfort in
The Gospel of Luke
than I do in my old romances.
My job now is what it has been for years: taking care of people, providing food, shelter, hugs and unsolicited opinions.
My last charge is my girl-
Making sure she eats something, and doesn’t go too crazy.
She worries about me, too-
I haven’t been so well myself.
But I told her: don’t worry about me.
You know that no matter what, I’ll be ok.
I’ll always be sitting in the sun on a porch somewhere.


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