NaPoWriMo, Day 19

No prompt today…


I learned to not care about anything so well
that I mastered the skill.
I lived in hell, where
I was known for being good at caring for nothing.
Not about love, or being loved, or being
Good enough.
I did not care about doing a good job,
or even my best-
I did not care if there was god.

I became so expert that I could not even not-care anymore, and all that was left was almost nothing.
The tiny something that remained was something so compressed by weighty gray thoughts, it was the very essence of something quite old and almost forgotten, and although it was covered in the dust of not-caring,

I spied a gleam.

I picked it up and rubbed it clean.
I said to myself-
I know this thing…

I put it in my pocket.
Now I carry it around.
This little stone of caring reminds me
How far I’ve come up
from Down.


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