NaPoWriMo, Day 12

Today’s prompt is to pick a word for a physical thing, and a word for an intangible thing.  You Google the physical thing, and draw sentences from what you find-perhaps from a Wikipedia article.  Then, you replace every occurrence of the word for the physical thing with the word for the intangible thing.  The result is not exactly poetry, but may inspire a poem.  I picked “sage” for the physical thing, because I’ve been learning about herbs, and I picked “laughter” for the intangible thing.


Since my brothers and sisters have
lived under the sun,
Laughter has been known as a remedy.
Carelessly and lustily applied at first,
the ancients learned to use laughter to ward off evil and increase fertility,
as well as to soothe spirits and bodies.
The lucky bearers of this God-given balm have many sayings glorifying laughter’s healing properties, its incalculable worth.
Laughter is hearty. Though a cold wet winter may cause its fruit to wither,still its roots are waiting underground,
To grow wildly again
In the summer of life.


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