NaPoWriMo, Day 1

National Poetry Writing Month:  the challenge is to write a poem each day in the month of April. Sooooo. When you write a poem per day, they don’t always end up as “finished” as when you’ve spent more time on them.  On the other hand, you write every day, which is good.:-) There are prompts available each day, at  Sometimes I use them, sometimes not.  So, let’s just get down to business, shall we?

Day 1.

I did not use a prompt.  I had an idea knocking around for awhile that I wrote about instead.  Poetry is, among other things, emotion expressed, and I have been thinking of the subject of this poem often, trying to work it out emotionally.  The form I used because I went to a poetry lecture recently in which we discussed letter writing as poetry.  Here t’is:


Dear Friend,

It is hard to believe you are


That word is hard.

But it makes more solid the truth-

that you are gone from this life.

That tumors crawled over your liver

until it choked.

I was so surprised.

Every other trouble seemed to slide right off you.

You hurt me once.  I could not understand why, then.

But as years go on, what I remember more is how you reassured me,

when we were in the trenches together,

and told me it was normal to chafe at the rewiring of our brains into tight, tight patterns.

Maybe you loved me, then, but I was in love with someone else, and I did not notice.

But you still sat with me, and brought me food when I was too nervous to make myself eat.

And I think,

maybe I hurt you first.

Maybe you were much easier to hurt than I ever thought.


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